Privacy Policy

MusicRabbit stores customer information and hold it confidential. MusicRabbit makes customer privacy one of its priorities. Information stored in the server will not be exposed to any entity in whatsoever means. Personal details of the customer are secured to make the transaction easier.

Credit Card Information

For customer’s safety and protection, MusicRabbit does not store credit card information in its server. MusicRabbit payment gateway provider PayPal ensures that all information is encrypted to protect customer’s financial data from being exposed.

3rd Party Disclosure

Customer information will be secured. Details, whether publicly or privately held, will not be shared, sold or transferred to any third persons or entities who are not involved in the entire transaction and without the explicit consent of the customer. Information, in general, will only be used for delivering the service.


Cookies are detailed information stored by the website to its visitor’s computer. This information is provided back by the computer server to the website to identify that the visitor had revisited the site. MusicRabbit had executed cookies to track customer and know their purpose of usage. If you would not want cookies to interfere, you may set the setting of your browser and prevent cookies from storing data into your computer. Blocking cookies might provoke website dissatisfaction due to technical difficulties.